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Heating repair services for Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Paradise, Sun City, Summerlin and surrounding areas.

Southern Nevada’s winters can be stressful on heating systems due to the temperatures changes between daytime and nighttime. These changes in daily temperature make it important to maintain your heating system to provide efficient use while avoiding costly repairs. We recommend servicing the unit twice yearly. Maintaining your heating system will benefit you with a lower power bill and well as more reliable use. Avoiding service may result in surprise repair expenses that could have been avoided.

You can benefit by paying attention to the various signals that your heating system might need maintenance. By understanding the signals, you can assess if your heating system needs maintenance. A properly maintained unit will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted warmth during the winter season.

What are the signals that your heating system needs maintenance? There are many reasons that might cause you to need repair or maintenance of your furnace. Some include:

High electricity bill. Is your heating bill higher than normal? Reviewing your use can help to reveal a potential issue. Dirt may have gathered in the ducts, filters, or other parts of the heater. This will make the furnace less efficient. Cleaning the inside of ducts, replacing filters, replacing parts can all lead to a much more efficient heating system.

Unequal heat distribution throughout your home. Maybe vents are closed or ducts are blocked? Controlling the air flow to each register can help to balance the heat throughout your residence.

Heating your home takes longer than usual. When a heating system needs maintenance, performance will decrease. If you notice a reduction in heating output, your heating system needs attention.

If you notice any of the above indicators, call us at (702) 604-8092 for a consultation. We may need to visit your home to provide the best solution. Naturally, regular inspection and maintenance of your furnace will help to avoid costly surprise repairs. Maintaining your heater becomes more important as the furnace ages. Parts and components can become worn and less efficient. Our multi-point inspection will help to catch those issues before they become future problems.

Scheduled maintenance and repairs will help to reduce your future expenses and will provide your family with a comfortable and more healthy environment.

About Orange Air & Heating of Las Vegas.

With over 10 years of heating service, each of our Las Vegas born service technicians are fully trained and experienced to diagnose heating issues and provide immediate repair. It’s important to trust the people you let into your home. We appreciate your business and we will work hard to maintain your trust in us.

We will always try to provide the best and the most effective Las Vegas heating repair. As a recommended heating repair company in Las Vegas, we know that you will be satisfied with our staff and services.

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The various heating system services performed by our service technicians include:

Heating Services for Las Vegas and surrounding areas including Henderson and Summerlin.

Emergency Heater Repair
Central Heater Inspection
Heater Service
Heater Maintenance
Energy Efficient Heating Services
Heater Installation & Replacement

Why choose Orange Air for your home’s heating repair:

Emergency Services: Your heating system might need quick and reliable heating repair. We are available 7 days a week to provide quick and efficient residential heating system repair for homes in Las Vegas.
Experienced Technicians: We are proud to have experienced and knowledgeable service technicians who know how to diagnose and service all major brands of heating equipment.
Years of Experience: We have years of experience repairing and maintaining all major brands of heaters in Las Vegas. We understand that you need quick, reliable and honest heater repair.

Some of the heating services we provide:

Reliable Heater Installation
Quick Heater Replacement
Timely Heater Maintenance
Furnace Tune-Up
Heating Service
Furnace Repair
Emergency Heating Repair
Furnace Inspection
Electric Furnace Services
Heat Pumps
Furnace Maintenance of all major brands
System Tune-Up

22 point Maintenance Service for gas heating includes:

1. Inspection of pilot light and cleaning.
2. Check operation and condition of blower motor. Oil bearings if needed.
3. Inspect and check MFD readings of run capacitor for blower motor.
4. Cleaning of burners and inspection for rust or cracks.
5. Thermostat calibration inspection and properly leveled.
6. Check operation and condition for combustion motor.
7. Adjust fan belt or replace fan belt as needed.
8. Check indoor fan limit control.
9. Removal and installation of new home air conditioning and heating filter.
10. Flame rollout control inspection.
11. Check flu pipes connections to be sealed properly.
12. Check heat exchanger for cracks and rust.
13. Cleaning of furnace with vacuum.
14. Ignition controls inspection.
15. Check amp draw of both blower motor and combustion motors.
16. Safety control inspection.
17. Check for air leaks on air ducts or gas furnace.
18. Exterior vent cap inspection.
19. Carbon monoxide detection in home.
20. Inspect all supply and return air grills.
21. Inspect all rooms for proper air flow.
22. Check complete on and off cycle of the gas heating system.

22 point Maintenance Service for a heat pump system includes:

1. Air leak inspection for package units only.
2. Check operating amperage of compressor.
3. Wash condenser coil with water, use heavy detergents if needed.
4. Check operation and condition of condenser motor.
5. Inspect and check MFD readings of run capacitor for condenser motor.
6. Removal and installation of new home air conditioning and heating filter.
7. Check condensing unit’s refrigerant pressures and temperatures while air conditioner is running.
8. Inspection of general wear and tare of unit. Cleaning of control compartment
9. Inspect condenser fan motor’s blade for proper balance.
10. Tighten all refrigerant fittings and install new Freon caps if needed.
11. High- and low-pressure switch inspections.
12. Tighten all electrical connections.
13. Inspect contactor for burnt electrical or pitted contact points.
14. Check temperature differential inside home. 20 degree temperature split from return to supply.
15. Safety control inspection.
16. Thermostat calibration inspection and properly leveled
17. Install exterior copper pipe insulation if needed.
18. Inspect all supply and return air grills.
19. Inspect all rooms for proper air flow.
20. Check operation of reversing valve.
21. Defrost control inspection.
22. Check complete on and off cycle of the air conditioning system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I call Orange air for heating repairs?
Understanding the behavior of your furnace and boiler flames is a useful to help choose the type of service that is needed. If the flames in the furnace are flickering or turning yellow, turn off the heating system and contact us for a heating inspection.

What regular maintenance do heating systems require?
The unit may have a fan belt that requires lubrication or replacement. Bleach can be used to clean the drain pipe. Be sure to inspect the outdoor unit to remove dirt and debris and also make sure it is level to the ground.

Why do I want to replace the filter regularly?
Changing the system’s air filter regularly will help to reduce pollution, dust, dirt, mold spores, germs, and allergens from the air. When a filter becomes clogged, airflow is reduced and the system becomes less efficient.

What is the recommended temperature for the thermostat?
Start by setting your thermostat to 68. Increase the heat by 1 or 2 degrees at a time for increased comfort. Reduce the temperature when sleeping. Reducing the heat during the night will not only provide a more comfortable sleep environment, it will also help to save on the heating bill.

Who do I call if my heating system is not working?
If your heating system is not working and the solution cannot be easily determined, call us to schedule an appointment.

How can I lower the energy cost of my heating system?
By regularly maintaining your heating units, you will be provided with the most efficient and cost effective use of the system. Clean or replace your air filter every three months. Check for obstructed vents and consider upgrading to a modern, high-efficiency heating system.

Who to call in Las Vegas for heating repair?
Orange Air offers affordable and honest repair of your heating or furnace system. We are fully insured and licensed by the Nevada State Contractors Board.

Do you have questions? Call us at (702) 604-8092 or email us and we’ll be happy to help you.